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JOURNEY LEAF: Tea Chamomile Orange Zest, 1.24 oz

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Journey Leaf wanted to make a classic Chamomile tea that all would love, even if you're not a Chamomile tea drinker. We've succeeded in this venture by adding bright orange peel and ginger, this flavor is perfect for anyone. Our all-natural, herbal Chamomile tea provides many functional benefits including helping to promote the quality of sleep. Our premium herbal ingredients are carefully picked, formulated, blended, and packaged to create a tea bag with 500mg of Vitamin C without sacrificing the flavor and aroma of the tea. Our soothing herbs are blended perfectly with non-acidic Vitamin C, resulting in an authentic herbal tea without the sour taste of other Vitamin C drinks. Just prepare a cup of herbal tea using our unique tea bags and enjoy a delicious and aromatic herbal infusion fortified with 500mg of Vitamin C that can help support the immune system. Journey Leaf teas are easy to make, just take our modern tea bag out of its wrapper and drop it into a mug.