Battery Charger only for Bellavita Bath Lift

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The Bellavita Charger is an accessory to the Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter *This unit charges the lithium batteries that power the bath chair which raise and lower the seat and back rest *The charger for this unit operates outside of any moist environment to charge the batteries *Drive Medical advises the user to select a dry room to conduct the battery charge *They also suggest that the battery be fully charged before the first use of the Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter *The charger is maintenance free *The most that would go into taking care of the charging unit would be to clean the housing unit occasionally with a damp cloth while it is unplugged from a power outlet *The unit should be completely dry before being plugged into a power outlet *The charging unit has a simple design with the hand control for the Bellavita bath chair and the battery completely integrated *To charge the battery one simply unplugs the hand control waits until the hand control is completely dry then plugs the charging unit into the hand control while the charger is plugged into a power outlet *Like the Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter the Bellavita Charger accessory comes with a warranty *Drive Medical gives the unit a limited 60-day warranty *Bellavita Charger Features and Benefits: The charger is plugged into the hand control to recharge the batteries *The unit is maintenence free *The charging unit is easily cleaned with a damp cloth *The Bellavita Charger Specifications: *Charges with 110V Outlet *Warranty: Limited 60 Day *Recommended Charge Frequency: Every 3 Months